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Betsy Andropolous

Elizabeth "Betsy" Stewart (formerly Montgomery & Andropolous) is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera As The World Turns.

Actress History:[]

  • Tiberia Mitri (early 1970's)
  • Maurine Trainer (mid 1970's)
  • Patricia McGuinness (1971)
  • Suzanne Davidson (1979 to 1980)
  • Lisa Denton (early 1980's)
  • Meg Ryan (mid 1980's to Spring 1984)
  • Mary Fox Kane (Summer 1984: Under wraps after the accident and before Betsy's plastic surgery in hospital)
  • Lindsay Frost (August 1984 to September 1988)
  • Tracy Sallows (1991)
  • Jordan Baker (August 1994, voice over role)
  • Jennifer Van Dyck (September 1994, voice over role)

Other Information:[]

  • Born (on-screen) 1961 (Revised to 1962 she was aged to 19 in 1980; her age must have been revised again to 1960 due to her daughter's age)

Family and Relationships:[]


  • Daniel "Danny" Stewart (father, deceased)
  • Elizabeth "Liz" Talbot Stewart (mother, deceased)
  • Kim Hughes Miller (step-mother)


  • Emily Stewart (paternal half sister)

Marital Status:[]

  • Single (divorced, Steve Andropolous and Craig Montgomery)

Past Marriage(s):[]

  • Craig Montgomery (divorced) [January 1, 1983-April 13, 1984]
  • Steven Andropolous (divorced) [May 31,1984-November 1986]


  • Danielle Andropolous (daughter, with Steven Andropolous, whom she divorced in 1986)

Other Relatives:[]

  • James T. Lowell (paternal great great grandfather)
  • Alice Lowell (paternal great great grandfather)
  • James "Jim" Lowell Jr. (paternal great grandfather)
  • Claire English (paternal great grandmother)
  • Steve English (paternal great granduncle)
  • Timothy "Tim" Cole (paternal biological grandfather, deceased)
  • Ellen Lowell (paternal grandmother)
  • David Stewart (paternal adoptive grandfather, deceased)
  • Paul Stewart (paternal adoptive uncle, deceased)
  • Carol Ann "Annie" Stewart (paternal aunt)
  • Dawn "Dee" Stewart (paternal aunt)
  • Ronnie Talbot (maternal uncle)
  • Alison Stewart (niece)
  • Lyon Hunter (nephew)
  • Daniel Stewart (nephew)
  • Jennifer Sullivan Ryan (niece, deceased)
  • Stewart Cushing (paternal adoptive cousin)
  • Gregory Ward (paternal cousin)
  • Lowell Ward (paternal cousin)
  • Maria Ward (paternal cousin)
  • Nancy Ward (paternal cousin)

Flings and Relationships:[]

  • Eric Hollister (dated)
  • Steven Andropolous (lovers)
  • Russ Elliot (engaged)
  • Todd Channing (dated)
  • Rodd Landry (lovers)
  • Seth Snyder (off screen romance)